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About Skate Woman

Learn to Skate with Skate Woman, The world’s first & only singing skate teacher. She raps her rhymes on skates to demonstrate. She does it on ice, quads, and inline skates.

Happy Birthday Super Skate Party  DVD front cover

Brand New Release SUPER SKATE BIRTHDAY PARTY – The Perfect Party Favors!

Happy Birthday Skating Party! Move and groove with this groovy critically acclaimed songs. Everybody clear the rink, backwards skaters only means something new now. You can learn to skate backwards with the backwards skate song. Just follow along! You can boogie back like a real cool cat! And more!

Happy Birthday Skate Song Music Video

Happy Birthday Skate Song Music Video

Are You, or Someone You Know, Celebrating a Birthday? Come Skate and Celebrate at the Skating Rink. Party with Skatewoman and her Funky and Furry friends. Skate and Sing Along with the One and Only Happy Birthday Skate Song in the World.

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