Brand New Release SUPER SKATE BIRTHDAY PARTY – The Perfect Party Favors!

If you’re planning on having a birthday party at your local skating rink, the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPER SKATE PARTY DVD makes a great party favor for you to send home with your guests! They’ll love it, and they’ll learn from it. Help spread the word about the coolest way to learn to skate like a champ!

Fun Party FaborHappy_Birthday_Super_Skate_Party_ DVD_front_cover

Happy_Birthday_Super_Skating_Party_ DVD_inside_cover

Happy_Birthday_Super_Skate_Party_ DVD_cd_label_

Happy_Birthday_Super_Skate_Party_ DVD_back_side_cover


Happy Birthday Skate Song
Holiday Skate Song
Skating is Sexy
Boogie Back Rap
Save Ya Pride
Glide Slide, Save Your Hide
If You Can Walk, You Can Roll
Skate 101 DVD Trailer

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