Brand New My First Skate Books Super Series is Now Available!

Marvel to a galaxy of fascinating facts, while enjoying plenty of hardy laughs! Discover a variety of skating styles, from mild to wild. Meet the young twins who are quite surprised by the wonders they find. When you see what monkeys can do, you will be too! Did you know skating incorporates math, physics, social interaction, and more galore? Explore how skating opens new horizons for families all over the world. Take a journey with them and uncover common personality differences and similarities, learn about self-expression, and sharpen communication skills, all through the medium of skating.
Colorful comic book style art and creative and clever rhymes reminiscent of Dr. Seuss make skating easy and fun for everyone. Adults and children alike will love them, and pick them again and again as they pursue a wonderful new world of fun, education, laughter, and quality family time. All the ingredients to make these books instant classics. 
If you’re an absolute beginner, an experienced skater, or anything in between, you’ll love My First Skate Books Super Series, and see skating in a whole new way!

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