The first superhero & rappin skate teacher doll, Skatewoman, makes history!

skate teacher

The worlds first and only rappin skate teacher doll. Watch her instructional skate videos.

The first Skating Superhero  doll makes history! Thanks to my super sister for giving me the best birthday gift in the world! My Skatewoman doll is not quite as tall as me, but she’s sporting the cape and roller skates, as you can see. Holding the Skate 101 DVD, Skatewoman displays how proud she is to show the world how to skate and stay safe. Don’t tell anyone, but she also teaches math and science through skating in her skate videos.

About Skate Woman

Learn to Skate with Skate Woman, The world’s first & only singing skate teacher. She raps her rhymes on skates to demonstrate. She does it on ice, quads, and inline skates.


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