Skating is Fun For Everyone – Learn to Skate Now!

Skating is Fun For Everyone! And now you can stream, download or order Skate 101, the great DVD from the Skate Woman, Jenny Jen, and learn to skate NOW! The guaranteed BEST skating class for beginners, on ice, inline, and quad skates. Embarrassed to try to learn in public? Well, you can learn to skate in the privacy of your own home, even without skates! That’s right, no skates are necessary to learn skating basics! Lean what you need to know safely before you put the wheels or blades on your feet. So, what are you waiting for? You can start right away!

Skating is Fun for Everyone

About Skate Woman

Learn to Skate with Skate Woman, The world’s first & only singing skate teacher. She raps her rhymes on skates to demonstrate. She does it on ice, quads, and inline skates.


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