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Some superheroes travel to distant worlds & battle menacing monsters & villains.

Some can be found closer to home. Jenny Jen, the SKATE WOMAN, is here!

The world’s only singing skate teacher superhero is gliding her way into new territory. She's helping young & old alike navigate the wonderful world of skating with her new comic books series.

She's here to show you just how much fun learning is when you read, sing along, and skate to the beat!  

learn to skate
learn to skate
learn to skate


Jenny Jen Growing Up

Hi There Earthlings!


Thanks for rolling over here.  You may have seen me rolling across magazines, newspapers, television, and radio-- Discovery’s The Learning Channel, Comcast's SportsNet, a variety of shows on FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS, or in the biggest hip hop magazine in the world, XXL Magazine. Basketball legend Dr. J (aka Julius Erving) and actor John Cusack are among my favorite celebrity students. I've also worked with 5-time Olympic Gold Medal speed skating champion, Bonnie Blair.

When I'm not teaching skating, I'm writing or dreaming about it! My thesis on skating at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business rolled me right in line. After graduation, I developed a brand new easy way to teach skating and became a certified skating instructor through IISA (International Inline Skating Association). 


Opening Philadelphia's first skate school was a huge success for me! My new skating system, Skate 101, worked instantly and automatically. My students learned how to skate on quads, ice and inlines with my easy to follow step-by-step instructional  rhymes! Sing along songs was the natural progression for my cute and catchy lessons.


I formed a band with Taki76 (aka Peter Panagakos and The Greek Prince) from Montreal, Canada. Taki composed and arranged original old school hip hop, funk and soul music for my exciting and unique project. He also played all the instruments, including bass, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer and funky drum machine. Our debut track, Boogie Back Rap, became a top ten single of the year in New York City's Village Voice magazine. It's the first and only learn to skate backward song. 


If I could teach people in my skate school that easily, I knew I could teach the world! After releasing several albums, I began producing Schoolhouse Rock type music videos of my sing along songs, so everyone could follow along. 


And I didn't stop there. I wrote and published a comic book series about skating. That's right, now parents and grandparents can introduce their young kids to skating the right way. Preparing kids for their first skating birthday party, or skating adventure. And don't worry, I won't tell the kids that you really want to skate too. It will be our little secret!

Thanks for letting me share my legacy with you. Enjoy my sing along songs, follow along music videos and new series of big print comic books!


Jenny Jen

learn to skate
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