learn to skate

Hi there Superhero Kids!

I'm Bee Bee, The Blading Bunny. I love skating and celebrating! I bet you do too and/or would if you know you could. Well back to me for a moment or two please.  My love began early, when I discovered skating on TV.  So imagine how excited I was to  open an evite to my first skating rink birthday party! Yaaaay! Inside the invitation was a magical link. I clicked the link, pressed play and became a superhero. Yup, just like that! I watched Skate 101 - The Skate Woman Music Video Collection: Skate Class Sing Along songs

 starring Skate Woman, The Skating Superhero, with her Super Cute Funky & Furry Friends are"Schoolhouse Rock" Style music videos with skate lessons, and parties or fiestas! about how to skate  The sing along songs make skate lessons easy to remember. Step-by-step guides prepared me for my first skating rink adventure and birthday party. My frst skate class is now a comic book that I just so happen to be in. But the SkateiClass of Sing Along while You Learn to Skate Songs, along with  but nopatience to wait. My mommy told me patience is a virtue. Oh no, where would I get Birthday & Holiday Celebration at? And, what's a virtue? Well, whatever that means, it sure turned out to be well worth the wait.  I found my happy place on skates. Eep, eep!


Skating around the rink, I noticed a friend who obviously didn't click  that magical learn to skate link. He made all four mistakes beginners make! It's a good thing Skate Woman's lessons were easy to remember sing along songs. I sang them and showed my friend. He quickly picked up important skating skills. He was so thrilled I came to his rescue, he knew just how to thank me. He brought me a whole bag of carrots the very next day. Yay!

So super kids, tell your folks that Skate Woman made it easy for them to be responsible! They can make sure you know how to use your 4 super tools to skate cool, while they can learn too! Let them pretend they're doing it for you, so they can learn too!  


Parents and grandparents can click this magical link with you to stream Skate Woman's Skate 101 Class. Learn everything you need to know to skate in control, in the privacy of your own home! No skates or experience necessary! Eep, eep!