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learn to skate

Hi there, Superhero Kids!

I'm Bee Bee, your favorite Blading Bunny. I love skating and celebrating, thanks to Skate Woman! Guess what I found out, if you can walk, you can roll!


Well back to me for a moment or two please. My love of skating began when I discovered it on TV.  So imagine how excited I was to open an evite to my first skating rink birthday party! Yaaaay! Inside the invitation was a magical link. I pressed play and became a superhero in minutes. Yup, just like that! I watched Skate 101, The How to Skate Cool Musical starring Skate Woman! I laughed a lot and learned how to skate instantly! Skate Woman, The Skating Superhero and her Super Cute Funky & Furry Friends showed me everything! The musical cartoons reminded me of Schoolhouse Rock! It was easy as 1, 2, 3! All I did was stand up on my own 2 feet, sing and follow along to the funky beat! The musical is full of lessons that are easy to understand, apply and remember. After singing along, I was confident that my first skating rink adventure and birthday party was going to be a blast. I was right! And, guess what I got as a birthday party favor, the Skate Woman comic book collection, My First Skate Books Super Series. I love the animals and stories. I also learned so much and improved my reading skills. Eep, eep!


Skating around the rink during the party, I noticed a friend who obviously didn't click that magical learn to skate link. He made all four mistakes beginners make! It's a good thing Skate Woman's lessons were easy to remember sing along songs. I sang the songs and showed my friend how to skate cool too. I watched him learn all the skating skills in minutes. He was so thrilled I came to his rescue, and he knew just how to thank me. He brought me a whole bag of carrots the very next day. Yay!

So super kids, tell your folks that Skate Woman made it easy for them to be responsible! She taught me everything and now I know how to use my 4 super tools to skate cool! 


I found my happy place on skates! I did not know I could learn how to skate without skates or experience! I thought I would had to embarrass myself at the skating rink party in front of my friends, until I clicked the magical link and got the confidence I needed right away! I had a great time at the skating birthday party and showed off a little too! Eep,eep!



Bee Bee

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