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Homeschool Fun with Skate Woman

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Skate Woman’s unique teaching style incorporates elements of the STEM/STEAM/STREAM educational curriculum. STEM brings together Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into a single, comprehensive approach, rather rather teaching each subject separately; STEAM incorporates all the elements of STEM, and brings in the Arts, visual and musical; and STREAM adds Reading and rhyming. Not to mention adorable animals, Action Sports Theme and Skating! How do all of these things relate to skating? Well, Skate Woman is here to show you! There’s a lot more to skating than you might think. Skate Woman’s interactive lessons are part of a larger learning experience that includes colorful comic books, sing along songs, musical cartoons, and more. Skate Woman helps improve confidence, communication, compassion & understanding. She promotes safety, fitness, sharing, helping others & happiness. Skate Woman's multi-sensory learning system is so effective that children & parents become instant Superheroes, automatically.