Classes – Learn to Skate

Skating Instructor Jenny Jen, The Skate Woman, Goldstein

Inline (aka Rollerblade) & Quad Skate Lessons by Jenny Jen, The Skate Woman, Goldstein

Where’s the Skate 101 School?

New York City, New York
Central Park, East of Sheep Meadow
Just South of 72d St.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19130
1 Boathouse Row, Lloyd Hall, Kelly Drive & Water Works Drive (next to the public bathrooms & drinking water fountains, near the Philadelphia Museum of Art & Fairmount Waterworks Restaurant)

Will Jenny Jen, The Skate Woman, is available to travel to teach a skate class, CD, DVD & book signings, perform. or skate train.
Additional fees may apply. Email us your request here.  Be sure to include the date, location, time, number of students, and any other even information you may have. We will reply asap.

Can I Learn How to Skate, Right Now?
Download the SKATE 101 Album of How to Skate Songs on iTunes, Amazon, Etc.  SKATE 101 teaches you everything you need to know to roll in control! Bring Jenny Jen, The Skatewoman, into the privacy of your own home. Learn anywhere, anytime, with her easy-to-follow how-to skate songs. Her songs make learning to skate safe, quick, easy & fun for everyone. Follow along on ya feet & learn how to skate to the funky beat!

Can I Take a Class with Skatewoman in Person?
Yes. Skatewoman is available to teach private classes. Skatewoman is the first & only rappin’ skate teacher in the world. Click here to read all about Skatewoman.

What will I learn in a skate class with Skatewoman?
Everything you need to know to roll in control. How to Gear Up, Get Up, Stand Up, Skate, Turn, Stop 4 Simple Ways, Prevent Mistakes Beginners Make, Safely Escape (How to Fall Properly), Change Terrains Smooth like a Snake, Maintain Skates & More!

How about some advanced moves?
Advanced classes can also be arranged.  Advanced classes include skating backwards, cross-overs, speed skating, skating hills, or just improving your skating skills. Proskaters, aggressive skaters, roller derby and roller hockey players can also improve their skating skills.

How much does a Private Skate Class cost?
Classes in Philadelphia
Private……..$60 one person
Semi-Private…$40 per person
(semi-private is a minimum of 2 or more students, that you bring)
Cash Only

Classes in New York
Private……..$250 one person
Semi-Private…$100 per person
(semi-private is a minimum of 2 or more students, that you bring)
All New York Classes must be prepaid, by credit card or Paypal. After class is scheduled, you’ll receive a bill via email.

Jenny Jen, The Skatewoman is available to travel to other city’s & locations at various rates.

How Long is a Class?
1 hour. Allow 30 extra minutes to gear up with Jenny Jen, The Skatewoman.

When are Skate Classes Offered?
At your convenience, weather permitting, all year round.

How do I Sign Up for a Class?
Email Instructor Now

What Do I Need to Bring?
Inline Skates or Quad Skates (aka Rollerblades or Rollerskates) & Full Safety Gear Required; Helmet, Wrist, Knee & Elbow Guards.

What Should I Wear?
Wear something comfortable that you can move freely in & that velcro won’t ruin. Don’t forget to bring your socks!