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Jenny Jen – The Skate Woman 

Some superheroes travel to distant worlds and battle menacing monsters and villains.

But others can be found closer to home, offering a different kind of help to those in need.

If you want to learn how to skate, and have lots of musical fun doing it, here is the superhero for you! Jenny Jen, the SKATE WOMAN, is ready for action! The world’s first and only rapping skate teacher, and skating superhero, is moving into new territory, helping young and old alike navigate the wonderful world of skating.

Jenny Jen has skated her way across magazines, newspapers, television, and radio– including Discovery’s The Learning Channel, Comcast SportsNet, and a variety of shows on FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS.

She wrote her thesis on skating at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and after graduation, earned her certification as an international in-line skate instructor.

Basketball legend Dr. J (aka Julius Erving) and actor John Cusack are among her celebrity students. She also worked with 5-time Olympic Gold Medal speed skating champion Bonnie Blair.

Determined to make skating easy and fun for everyone, she started rhyming like Dr. Seuss and reasoning like Sir Isaac Newton. She raps her rhymes on skates to demonstrate. To share her instructional rhymes with the world, she formed a band, Jenny Jen and Taki76 (formerly Phat Sk8trax). They landed a top ten single of the year in the Village Voice with their debut track, “Boogie Back Rap.” Jenny Jen was featured in XXL Magazine, the world’s biggest hip hop magazine.

Her skate comic style book series, featuring Skate Woman, is now available! She’s currently developing a cool musical and feature length film, starring Skate Woman, where fantasy meets reality.

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