Some superheroes travel to distant worlds & battle menacing monsters & villains. Some can be found closer to home. Jenny Jen, the SKATE WOMAN, is here!

The world’s first & only singing skate teacher is gliding her way into new territory. She's helping young & old alike navigate the wonderful world of skating with her new comic books series.



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My First Skate Book By Jenny Jen the Skate Woman
My first skating rink adventure book by Jenny Jen the Skate Woman
My first skate class book by Jenny Jen the Skate Woman
My First Skating Party Birthday book by Jenny Jen the Skate Woman
My First Skates book by Jenny Jen the Skate Woman

My First Skate Books Super Series is the perfect way to introduce your whole family to the exciting world of skating. Colorful comic book style art with creative and clever rhymes reminiscent of Dr. Seuss make skating entertaining for the whole family.


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