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Jennifer’s Right In Line with Her Business

learn to skate

learn to skate

Roller Bladin’

By Adrielle Fontaine

Picture this: A lovely young woman in a long flowing bride’s maid gown, skating down the aisle at her sister’s wedding at Pleasure Island in Disneyland. If the word “unpredictable” comes to mind, Jennifer Goldstein would like it.

The five-foot, cum laude graduate of The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and owner of Bladin’ Action in the Sports Club at the Bellevue in Philadelphia has made skating a big part of her life.

Skating down the aisle at her sister’s wedding is just a part of her fondness for the sport as well as part of the way she looks at life. She doesn’t see the world as a dull place, but looks for diversity.

As a senior in College majoring in marketing and specializing in new products, the now 28-years=-old did a study on in-line skating because it interested her. Professor Burton Brodo encouraged her in her independent study.

After graduating in 1990, Jennifer maxed her credit cards and started her own in-line skating business. She also became the only certified female in-line skating instructor in Philadelphia.

“The business has grown in the past four years,” says Jennifer who acknowledges in-line skating had became more and more popular. “it’s so easy and so versatile. Every age and every kind of person can do it.

“Here at the club we have top executives and average people who come in. I got a pair of skates for Dr. J. His whole family skates. Yukie Washington, the news broadcaster from TV Channel 3 comes in.”

Jennifer teaches in-line skating in aerobic format, which teaches skaters control, weight shifting, speed(fast/slow), turning, and controlling  falling. She works with students to learn to use protective gear.

“You can slide on a knee pad rather than fall,” she explains.

At Bladin’ Action there is no skating since the track surface is too soft. But there is plenty of instruction. The students learn to stop before increasing speed, what to wear and how to use proper safety gear, and bending the knees to keep the center of gravity low.

Jennifer suggests wearing head gear, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards. In the classes, there is no need for the head gear. She says it takes from one to three classes to master in-line skating.

Her interest in the development in new products enticed her to pursue the project she had worked on as her senior thesis: in-line skating, number crunching job of an accountant.

Originally from Gainesville, Fls, Jennifer and her two sisters grew up with the idea that should accomplish something.

Her father, Dr. Mark Goldstein, has a Ph.D. in Psychology. Her mother, Frances, is an artist who studied at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and writes and illustrates travel brochures.

“I think it’s just direction from mom and dad,” Jennifer says to her entrepreneur spirit and drive.

Jennifer describes herself as a casual executive who “skates” into her meetings wherever they might be.

She recently broke up with her boyfriend but admits she might get married sometime if she meets an “extraordinary Mr. Right.”

The most important thing he has to have,” she says, “is a sense of humor.”

Jennifer says for right now, “I’m married to my business. I’m very committed.”


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