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Do the Drive: Drive Sports

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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Looking for some excitement that’s healthy, fun and family oriented? Right in Philly’s own Fairmount Park, you’ll find some of the best paths and trails in the world. West River Drive, now closed to cars on weekend days, is ideal for everyone.

Whether you walk, run, ride or roll, Spring has sprung and Drive Sports has arrived. Drive Sports, the first full-service sports shop catering to Kelly Drive and park enthusiasts, boasts 4,000 square feet of fun-filled goodies. Try out some comfy walking or running shoes, choose from comfort, mountain, road & kids bikes, and don’t miss the unrivaled skate selection. According to the “experts,” Drive Sports’ equipment is unbeatable, and they have all your favorite gear, accessories, cool functional clothing and fast fuel to pump you up. Plus, there’s a complete bike & skate service center offering expert repairs, upgrades & maintenance, rentals, and an indoor skate school to get you rolling.

Open every day, Drive Sports is conveniently located across from the Art Museum at 2601 Pennsylvania Ave. On Kelly Drive, you’ll find Drive Sports 2 (the trailer at One Boathouse Row), an extension of the shop offering bike and skate rentals, basic repairs and outdoors skate classes too. A word to the wise: keep your rental receipts– they can save you money!

If you’ve been fantasizing about rollerblading, head for Drive Sports Skate School. They’ll provide the instructor, skates and gear. Indoors, outdoors, private or group – you decide. If you’ve never tried it before or just want to perfect your skills, take a class, before you roll!

Drive Sport’s founder and owner, Jen is the top skate instructor. Learn from her decade of experience and save years of practice in just one class. Recognized world wide as an in-line skate expert, Jen wrote her thesis on in-line skating at the Wharton School of Business. After graduation, the city’s first certified in-line skate instructor created the first in-line shop, Bladin Action (off of South St at 506 S. 5th St). After that came Drive Sports, and … a whole new chapter in sports history.

Walk, run, ride, roll, refresh!

For more info, call (215) 232-RENT or (215) 235-RENT or visit Drive Sports at


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