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Funky Superhero Makes Learning to Skate Fun!

Jenny Jen Goldstein of Philadelphia , Pa. , is a hard-working, roller skate loving, creative business woman. When she’s not working “full time in an office,” she spends her evenings and weekends teaching roller skating and creating a variety of media materials to inspire and teach the young – and young at heart – how to roller skate.

For starters, Jenny Jen and an artist friends created an animated, roller skating superhero named Skatewoman. According to Goldstein, “Skatewoman is the world’s only rappin’ skate teacher and superhero.” The name also happens to be Goldstein’s online alias, and the animated character bears a striking resemblance to the live Skatewoman.

Skatewoman and her “funky and furry friends,” show up on several of Goldstein’s how-to-skate music videos, such as the recently released Boogie Back Rap. This music video is, according to Goldstein, “perfect for skating rinks with video screens, for the beginner backwards song. ‘Everybody clear the rink, backwards skaters only’…is how the animated music video begins. Skatewoman raps on quads, ice and inlines with her funky and furry friends to show the world how to skate back like a real cool cat!”

Other animated, instructional videos being produced by Skatewoman teach viewers how to: get up, stand, skate, stop (4 Simple Ways), turn, prevent mistakes beginners make; change terrains smooth like a snake, safely escape (fall properly), and maintain skates and more.

Just released this October is Goldstein’s Skatewoman album, with lyrics by Jenny Jen and music by Taki76, which includes over a dozen “funky skate dance” tracks, including the Happy Birthday Skate Song, Happy Holidays Skate Song, Valentine’s Day Skate Song, Skating on Mars with the Stars, new mixes of Boogie Back Rap, Glide Slide Save Ya Hide and much more.

“The Happy Birthday Skate Song is the first and only birthday skate song and it’s interactive too,” shared Goldstein. “The skaters call out the birthday boy or girl’s name on the count of four.”

In addition to music videos, Goldstein is working (REMOVE- with several teachers) on a series of Skatewoman comic books that will include lesson plans for science, math, physics and English for pre-K through 12th grade.

Goldstein’s Skatewoman Super Series is comprised of animated music videos (on DVD and via downloads), comic books, sing-along songs (CDs), posters, clothing “and other cool stuff,” she said. To view select videos and find out more about Skatewoman offerings, go to


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