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Her Career is Rolling InLine

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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Age: 20-something. Lives: Center City Family: Single Education: Gainesville, Fla., native, came up to Philly to attend Penn. Graduated 1990 in marketing. Study: Did study of new in-line skating (roller blading) for senior project.  Predicted it’s growth and injuries. Entrepreneur: After graduation, opened first roller blade rental business in city: Bladin’ Action at Bellevue Stratford Sporting Club. Will soon open second store on South Street. Burning calories: Lost 50 pounds by dieting and roller blading. Has maintained loss for five years with roller work-outs. Teacher: Gives roller blade lessons in aerobics room of health club. Taught Julius “Doctor J” Erving and other celebrities. Best skating: Thanks roller rinks better than parks. Likes dance routines. “I like to skate in new cities.” Not Expensive:  “It’s cheaper than skiing. Skates cost $39 to $269. Recently sold skates to 76er Shawn Bradley. Other loves: “I’m a computer chick. I love to work with computers. I played cell most of my life.”

-Ron Avery


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