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Jen Goldstein Keeps on Rollin’

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

learn to skate

learn to skate

learn to skate

If you think rollerblading is about as over as flannel shirts and ripped jeans, don’t tell local Jen Goldstein. This skater keeps on rolling in the parks, in the rinks and on CD.

Ever since the SEPTA strike in 1998, Goldstein wanted to turn her hobby of in-line skating into a profession-and teach people the glory of skating along the way.

Goldstein, a Wharton graduate whose marketing thesis was entitled “The Development of a Product: In-Line Skating,” started her own in-line program.

“I began teaching young and old students and repeated the same lesson,” Goldstein explains.

The key to her program is her very own hip-hop/funk albums, which provide a skating lesson within the lyrics. Many of her songs and SK8Trax albums have been on top to lists throughout the United States, including 2004’s Top 10 Singles by New York City Village Voice. Goldstein constructs the lyrics to her songs to help beginner students skate.

“Once they follow along to my simple steps and try the positions and motions on their feet first, then they can roll in control,” she says.



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