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Jenny Jen Makes the Cover

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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She has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Magazine. She has appeared on WPVI-TV, KYW-TV, WCAU-TV and WTXF-TV. And now, she will be starring in a new kids sports program called “Go For It” with nationally renowned sports celebrities. Who is this media celebrity? She is Jennifer Goldstein, president of Bladin’ Action at The Sporting Club!

Jennifer first joined The Sporting Club a year ago offering blading lessons. In just a few months she founded Philadelphia’s first and only in-line skating rental and retail shop right in club, and expanded to offer clinics and classes. Jennifer is the city’s only female IISA (INTERNATIONAL In-line Skate Association) Certified In-Line Skate Instructor.

A recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, it can be said that Jennifer Actually majored in rollerblading. Her thesis, titled “A New Product: In-Line Skates,” focused on the product and market development. Researching factors which influence the product’s life cycle, her focus included industry competition in addition to technological variations and advances.

“In-line skating continues to be one of the fastest growing sport in United States,” Jennifer points out. “According to Sport Illustrated Magazine, the estimated number of in–line skaters has grown from approximately 20,000 participants in 1988 to over 4 million in 1991 and up to 6.2 million today!”

For Sporting Club members looking for a different workout alternative, blading is the answer. It mimics both skiing (Nordic, alpine, downhill and across country) and ice skating (hockey, figure and racing) motions, providing optimal cross-training for athletes involved in these sports.

“Blading helps to develop muscle tone and burn fat, while offering better anaerobic benefits than running, walking or cycling,” Jennifer said. “But unlike running and other high-impact sport, in-line skating is low impact. This spares the hip, knee, ankle and foot joints from pounding.”

So, if you want to try the hottest sport of the 90’s, stop by to see Jennifer on Level 2 near the basketball courts, or give her a call at 731-0977!


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