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Two New CDs Make Learning to Skate Funky and Fun

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

learn to skate

learn to skate

Lyricist, rapper and celebrity skate instructor “Jenny Jen” Goldstein and her crew released two new “funky” CDs in 2007 that promote roller skating and teach beginners how to “skate cool!”

“Dance music stimulates, inspirational songs motivate and instructional rhymes educate,” said Jen in a recent release. “These unique CDs use the proven most effective learning method to make skating easy and fun for everyone.”

Phat Sk8Trax released Skate 101 and Skating is Sexy in 2007. Skating is Sexy’s hit single Boogie Back Rap was rated number one by New York City’s Village Voice.

The SKATE 101 CD includes 23 easy-to-follow songs that cover what everyone needs to know to skate cool. “It’s hard to miss beginner skaters locking their knees and throwing their arms around unnecessarily. If they only knew to bend their knees and hold their magic table to keep them stable, they’d be a lot more comfortable and fall less,” according to Jen. “But that’s just the beginning. If you can walk, you can roll in control, once you’ve learn what tools you have and how to use them.

“We all know that more people would skate if they could and many would participate more frequently once they get more confident. It’s hard to believe that people skate with no idea how to direct their skates, balance their skates should be in when rolling from the rink should be in when rolling from the rink floor to the carpet.”

The lyrics on SKATE 101 explain it all in simple, fun terms. For example, “Point ya skates to navigate, toes out, go fo, heels out, back mo,” and “slide one skate in front of the mate to change terrains smooth like a snake.”

“But, learning how to skate is just a bonus to Prince, Justin Timberlake and George Clinton lovers. If you dig them, you’ll love Taki76, the composer producer and performer of both CDs,” shared Jen.

Spell it out “S-K-A-T-I-N-G”, add “skating is sexy for you and me,” and you’ve got one of the hottest skating songs ever, along with the title track of the SKATING IS SEXY CD. This CD is also jam packed full with 23 tracks. There are eight fresh new mixes of the world’s only backwards skating song, Boogie Back Rap, to satisfy every music lover and DJ (including Old School Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Gospel, Country, Latin, 80s, Funk and Crunk), along with instrumentals for Karaoke lovers too.

Beyond hokey, Boogie Back Rap’s lyrics begin with “Everybody clear the rink, backwards skaters only, I wrote this rap so you can boogie back to roll in reverse, follow this track…”

Jen added, “You can even rock out to the Rollerderby Girl song while ya learn th rules of the game and sing along “I just wanna be a rollerderby girl!””

Jen is currently developing a skating rink program called Skate Cool Musical, which she plans to take on the road. This interactive musical allows the members of the audience to be spectators and participators. The program includes training other skate instructors to run the show on their own.

In additional, she’s working on the Skate Cool DVD, music videos of her songs that teach everyone how to skate in one hour. With all the music and lyrics ready to roll, she’s currently looking for the right partner to produce the Skate Cool DVD. She’s also searching for skating performers, artists, locations, crew, etc. Her goal is to make a DVD of the funkiest educational music videos in the world for all ages.

In her spare time, when she’s not skating, you can find her in the studio with Taki76 making more great skate music. The debut track Holiday Skate Song, from her upcoming CD entitled All Skate, can be heard at

If you’re interested in becoming a part of any of these projects or have questions or suggestions, contact Jen at


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