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What’s In Store

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOUR IN-LINE SKATES OR skateboard is going to need new a new set of wheels. Perhaps more in line with WHERE readers, a fresh pair of running shoes may be in order. With X Games in town this month, you never know. Check out the following establishment to suit up the athlete in you.

Bladin Action: (506 S. 5th St, 215-925-2332) ESPN X Game athletes and wanna be extreme stars can find hip clothing, skates and other essentials here. Or if you’re in town without your skates, rent a pair and hit the well-groomed, green trails of Kelly Drive by calling Bladin’s sister-store, Drive Sports (2601 Pennsylvania Avenue, 215-232-7368). At this extreme sports store, you’ll find a wide variety of bikes, blades, components, and accessories that will have you ready to roll. Select from custom, mountain and road bikes or blade brands such as Rollerblade, Salomon and more.

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